Monday, August 4, 2008

Legendary Sporting Stitch-Ups: Brett Favre

To Brett Favre, who went from being one of the absolute all-time legendary figures and hard-men in all of American sports to just your average, typical, "it's all about me", attention desperate bell-ends in the space of a week. For fucks sake, I'm not even sure now if Brett Favre is still white?

It's funny how in most other lines of work, if you quit your job with years left on your contract you usually end up having to PAY money to get out of it, not end up getting 20 million dollar settlements to sit on your arse and play X-box with your kids. Ah America, home of the free... and the fucking incomprehensible.

And props to this dude Rick Reilly who is now officially my favourite dude on ESPN for this great little video.

Yes Brett Favre, you are officially the male version of Cher. For that, I wouldn't just retire, I'd fucking kill myself.

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